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The Branch of Obstetrics and Gynecology is a leading institution in all aspects of women's health with nationally recognized programs in obstetrics and gynecology including high risk pregnancy, reproduction genetics, gynecology, breast disease, infertility, contraception and cancer. Faculty members also have expertise in subspecialty areas such as gynecologic urology, infectious diseases and genetics.




The  training program that designed to be studied by fourth, fifth and sixth class student is to provide a broad exposure to all aspects of health care for women. The goals of the program are to aid the students in acquiring the following:

  1. The knowledge and skills to provide health maintenance and disease prevention for women.
  2. To develop the necessary cognitive and technical skills in the outpatient, emergency room, inpatient unit, operating rooms and delivery room for the management of obstetric problems and gynecologic diseases.
  3. To gain an understanding of the basic science foundations of clinical obstetrics and gynecology which will form the basis of an evidence-based clinical practice and for lifelong continuing medical education
  4. To develop the interpersonal skills necessary to deal most effectively with patients, other health professionals, and colleagues, and to act not as students but also as teachers
  5. To gain an understanding of healthcare systems and administration so as to advocate for and deliver high quality patient care.




Our vision is a department enjoying international recognition in the fields of training and research, together with excellence in service rendering to the community we serve.



  1.  Is to provide a high quality academic service across a broad range of clinical, educational and research activities within its associated teaching hospitals.
  2. To provide evidence-based education and training to medical students, resident physicians, fellows, faculty colleagues, and private practitioners.
  3. To further the acquisition of women’s health knowledge through pursuing innovative and evaluative research.


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