Ass. Prof. Dr. Najdat Shukur Mahmood Ahmad Al- Kurwy

Full Name                 

Najdat Shukur Mahmood Ahmad Al- Kurwy

Date of birth

January 10th 1977.

Place of birth

Al-Saadiyia, Khaniquin, Iraq



Marital status

Married, with 3 children



Current work


Pediatrics department, Medical college, Diyala University,

 Baquba, Iraq.




Personal E-mail


 Arabic & English




FICMS 2003- 2008

Certification of Iraqi Council for Medical Specialization in pediatrics, with a thesis entitled "Causative Organisms & Risk Factors For Bacterial Meningitis in Children at Al-Sulaimany Pediatrics Teaching Hospital".

M.B.Ch.B. 1994- 2000

Bachelor in General Medicine & Surgery, awarded from College of Medicine/ Al- Anbar University.











Republic of Iraqi, Baghdad: Iraqi Medical association, registration number 28423, issued 17/8/2000.


Work and Experiences




2012- up to date

University of Diyala- College of Medicine

 Assistant Professor, Department of Paediatrics.


2011- 2012

University of Diyala- College of Medicine.

Lecturer, Department of Paediatrics.


2008- 2010

Al- Anbar University- College of Medicine.

 Lecturer, Department of Paediatrics.


 2003- 2008

 Iraqi Council for Medical Specialization/ Al- Nahreen Teaching Hospital

Resident Permanent Doctor at Paediatrics Department.




College of Medicine/ Al- Anbar University/ Al- Anbar teaching Hospital for Maternity & Children

 Resident Permanent Doctor.



2000- 2002

Medical City in Baghdad and Baquba Teaching Hospitals

Resident Rotator Doctor.

Conferences & Scientific activities:



Membership of the Directory Team at the First Scientific Conference for Student Researches of College of Medicine / Diyala University, 2014.


Participant as Supervisor for 3 Types of research at the First Scientific Conference for Student Researches of College of Medicine – Diyala University, 2014


Participation in Workshop on Medical education by WHO, Erbil, 2012.


Participation in the Second Scientific Conference of College of Medicine/ Diyala University, 2012, with a Thesis Titled (Undernutrition in Children Admitted to Hospital, at Al- Batool Teaching Hospital).


Attendance of the 6th Scientific Conference of College of Medicine/ Al- Anbar University, 2011.


Attendance &Participation in many Medical Lectures & Seminars in medical College & Al- Batool Teaching hospital/ Diyala.


Participation in all annual lectures and workshops of Pediatrics division/ college of medicine/ Diyala University. 


Published Researches



Abdulrazzaq Mustafa Abbas, Najdat Shukur Mahmood, and Dawood Salman Al-Azzawi. Reliability of Clinical Aspect and Transaminases Level as a Guidance for Screening for Sero-positive Hepatitis C in Multi-transfused β-Thalassaemia Patients. DJM, 2016;10(2):1-8.


Najdat Shukur Mahmood, Abdul Razzaq Mustafa Abbas. Deferasirox dose escalation to achieve optimal efficacy in iron- overloaded patients with β- thalassemia major. Int J Med Phar Sci. 2015; 5(12):6-15.


Najdat Shukur Mahmood, Abdul Razzaq Mustafa Abbas, Ismail Ibrahim Latif and Zena Jassim Mohammed. Qualitative evaluation of humoral immunity of β-thalassaemia patients by Immunofixation test. International Journal Of Current Medical And  Pharmaceutical Research, 2015;1 (3):50-53.


Najdat Shukur Mahmood. Prevalence of Undernutrition in Children Admitted to Hospital at Diyala Province. DJM, 2013;5 (2):75-82.


Najdat Shukur Mahmood, Kareem assi Obaid. Significance of parental education in choosing breast milk for infant feeding at Diyala province, hospital based study. DJM, 2013;4(1):117-124.


Fakhri Jamil Al-Dalla Ali, Najdat Shukur Mahmood, Bilal Kh. Al-Obaidi. Incidence of birth defects at birth among babies delivered at maternity and children teaching hospital in Ramadi. Anb Med J, 2013 ;11(1): 1-10


Najdat S. Mahmood, Abdul Razzaq M., Mohamed I. Role of Pulse Oximetry in Detection of Congenital Heart Diseases in Children. Tikrit Medical Journal TMJ, 2012.


Najdat Shukur Mahmood. The rate of Vaccination of Children at Diyala Province & Effect of Parental Education on Vaccination Status, Hospital Based study. DJM, October 2012;3 (1):73-81.


Dawood S. Al-Azzawi, Kareem A. Obaid, Najdat S. Mahmood .Incidence of whooping cough in Diyala province, Iraq. International Journal of Sciences and Technology, December 2011.;6)4 (:32-37.


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